How many times can I use it?
Tapes are medical grade - hypoallergenic. Therefore, they can be safely used every day. Most of our customers use it every day, some on special occasions. In addition, care should be taken to use a fresh tape each time.

2. How long can I wear it?
Provided you have prepared your skin and followed the instructions, you can wear it for up to 20 hours depending on your skin type, extreme activity, weather conditions and body heat. In rare cases, if you have sensitive skin and irritation occurs, temporarily discontinue use.

3. Will it come off unexpectedly?
HYME Face Lift tapes stay in place as long as the instructions are followed. Stronger adhesive may irritate the skin. You should avoid touching the adhesive of the tapes at all times. Do not reposition the tapes after application. It is a good idea to keep extra tapes in your purse in case the tapes come off for some unexpected reason.